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Guardian Program

The intent of a guardian agreement is to provide a person/family (the guardian) with the dog identified at no purchase price while legal ownership of the dog is retained by the breeder and will remain in the their breeding program until about 7 years of age or 7 litters (litter constitutes a min of 5 puppies) have been weaned. At that time, ownership will transfer to the guardian and the dog will be spayed at the guardian's expense. Guardian has no ownership or interest in any puppies produced by this dog.

This allows breeders to have more diversity in their breeding program while ensuring that each dam is getting all of the time, attention and training that they need to whelp & raise the best puppies possible​.

In our program dogs will be at least 4 mo old and house trained prior to going to their guardian home. This allows us to assess their personality and temperament as well as to do a portion of the the testing prior to determining if they would make a good candidate for our breeding program. 

Responsibility of the Guardian:

  • Care for the dog according to the breeders standards on a day to day basis. 

  • Provide basic obedience training for the dog.

  • Keep the dog up to date on all vaccinations and deworming.

  • Maintain the dog at a healthy weight.

  • Keep dog clean and well groomed.

  • Discuss with the breeder any supplements or food changes you would like to give the dog.

  • Socialize the dog. I.E. take for car rides, take into situations to meet people other than your family, walk regularly to keep used to being on a leash etc.

  • Notify the breeder the first day that the dog goes into heat

  • Have the dog available for any appointments needed for breeding purposes.

  • Provide photographs for website and social medial. Before and after grooming

  • etc.

Responsibility of the Breeder:

  • Provide guardian with a healthy puppy.

  • All testing and vet appointments necessary to qualify the dog for breeding.

  • Provide transportation to appointments necessary for breeding​​.

  • Pay for all costs associated with breeding.

  • Respond to guardian questions in a timely fashion

  • Care for the dog from 1 week prior to birth through weaning of the puppies.

  • etc

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